About Us - Our Story

About Us – The Enchanted Bookery Story
Susannah Altman, founder and partner of The Enchanted Bookery, LLC will tell you, "Books have always been part of my life. I grew up in a family of avid readers. After my first son was born, the only gifts he didn’t outgrow within a few months were books. As other people we knew were having babies, we also started giving books as gifts. For one friend’s baby shower, I bought several classic books, arranged them in a wicker basket, and wrapped everything up with cellophane and a bow. People kept asking me where I bought the gift basket. One thing lead to another, and in 1996, The Enchanted Bookery was formed."

Over the years, we’ve been through some changes. We have expanded our book and gift options. We have added different theme collections and new packaging options. We became The Enchanted Bookery, LLC. We have even had to undergo construction to increase our space to accommodate all of the new merchandise!

The Next Chapter- From long-time customer to part owner
In our effort to continually grow and meet our customers’ gift needs, we recently welcomed a new partner, Lynne Stark, to The Enchanted Bookery family. Lynne had been a customer and fan of The Enchanted Bookery for over 10 years.

“A gift from The Enchanted Bookery has been my husband and my “go-to” gift for over 10 years. Susannah was always able to create the perfect gift for our price point and we always loved the feedback we would get. When I found out that Susannah and I lived in neighboring towns, it was my dream to be able to work with her, creating and selling a product I loved and believed in. I am so excited to be working with Susannah to give our customers the service and products they have come to love and count on".

The Story Continues

One thing that hasn't changed is our love for books and reading. Although we both sometimes personally read e-books, we believe there is something special about a physical book – especially for babies and young children. There is nothing like sitting with a child, holding a book, touching & turning the pages together, and reading. Times like these create special memories and an everlasting bond. The experience just isn’t the same with an e-book. 

Another thing that will never change is our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We will never send out a gift that we wouldn’t be happy either personally sending or receiving. We do everything we can to make sure that both you and the recipient are happy with your gift.

Happy Reading!

Susannah & Lynne